Sunset Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Judul : Sunset Eye Makeup Tutorial
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Sunset Eye Makeup Tutorial

Besides Instagram, I do enjoy scrolling on Pinterest! There's one day I came across with a photo of beautiful Sunset on Pinterest and I think it would be fun if I use the similar tone to create my makeup! So yeap, here's the result hehe!

STEP 1 :- First, brush the Orange eyeshadow on to the entire eyelid.

STEP 2 :- Next, get the Red eyeshadow, apply and focus on the inner eyelid to create the ombre look. The color of the red eyeshadow that I used was not intense enough and it's more to a Pink shade thou. To make the color look more contrast, I think I should actually start with the red first then only add the orange shadow (╥﹏╥)

STEP 3 :- Load your brush with Yellow eyeshadow and apply it on the edge of the Orange eyeshadow to blend them together.

STEP 4 :- Apply the Purple eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Next, use the Light Pink eyeshadow to soften the harsh edge so it looks more natural.

LAST STEP :- Draw the eyeliner & apply your favourite mascara/ false lashes. Okay, and we are done! 


It will be much better if the Red eyeshadow are more sharp & contrast! ಥ_ಥ

Hope you like this tutorial!


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